Our team provides expertise and support for every step of creating and administering your online exam, from planning to proctoring and beyond:

  1. Needs Assessment
  2. Exam Solution Development
  3. Exam Planning & Registration
  4. Exam Day Services
  5. Proctoring
  6. Results & Analytics
  7. Badging and Micro-credentials

Needs Assessment

At LES, our approach is not one-size-fits-all. By taking the time to understand the goals of your organization, we’re able create customized exam processes that align with your vision. Whether you are building an exam from the ground-up or you simply require the finishing touches on exam delivery day, we’ll develop a comprehensive plan that suits your needs. As your certification requirements evolve, we’re here to adapt your exams and facilitate your candidates’ professional development.

Exam Solutions

Once we’ve assessed your requirements, the fun begins! Our experts will assist you in designing your online exam from start to finish.

The LES team can:

  • Help you select an optimal delivery method for your exam.
  • Establish your proctoring requirements (we provide proctor training, live auditing and more).
  • Provide the tools to assess knowledge and skills required by candidates (practical exams including the use of Virtual machines or steno machines among other options.
  • Choose the format that fits your exam content and make it easy to get results efficiently (multiple choice, essay, practical examinations, audio and video components etc.).
  • Plan your exam policies, from authentication, to payment, to cancellation.
  • Facilitate conference exams or proctored exams.
  • Offer exam delivery tools including automark technology and virtual machine delivery.

Exam Set-Up and Registration

The exam-taking experience begins at registration. Ensuring your exam set-up is accessible, user-friendly and organized will improve candidate experience, leaving them confident and secure in the certification process. LES owns both the registration system and the learning management system that delivers your exam, which means we can adapt to our technology to meet your specifications and deliver the data that’s most important to you. Our service includes:

  • Scheduling and registration services
  • Payment solutions and voucher options
  • Online exam interface support
  • Prerequisite policies
  • Customized exam portal branding or “off the shelf” solution
  • Digital storage support
  • Candidate profiles and identification
  • Language options

Exam Day Services

We manage every detail of exam day, so you don’t have to. We’ll guide your organization in the creation of a seamless exam experience that will help you grow and elevate your credentials. The end result is an exam process that gives candidates everything they need to achieve their certification and pursue their goals.


As part of our end-to-end services, proctors are trained and prepared to detect and address aberrant behavior, provide technical troubleshooting and support candidates throughout the entire exam process via chat or phone. We’re proud to deliver a highly personalized level of support, with a ratio of 1 proctor to 2 students at any given time.

We offer:

  • Proctor training, to ensure the best in candidate experience and testing accuracy; all proctors are certified and competent information technology "help desk" professionals to provide immediate technical support.
  • Proctoring process development and customization, to help you decide on the best proctoring options for your needs, whether its automated or live proctoring.
  • Live Auditing, in which LES auditors and supervisors join proctored sessions to view candidate and proctor activity depending on your needs.

Results & Analytics

Once you’ve reached the final step in your exam development journey, we’ll help you to conclude the process in the most secure, efficient and informative way.

  • Exam Results

Our flexible options allow you to choose between immediate delivery of the exam results to your organization database, or entry into our LES exam registration database. No matter the method you choose, your organization retains  control of the final results and their distribution.

  • Data Reporting

Evaluate your exam and grow your business with data analysis! Throughout the exam process, our system will automatically generate reports that can provide you with valuable data to empower your decisions in the future. We provide exam performance reports, exam question reports and other customized options to help you see the bigger picture.

Badging and Micro-credentials

  • One stop title verification. 
  • Accept your badge and share.