We protect your investment and the credentials you provide with a combination of technological security measures and live proctoring and auditing. LES implements a range of security and transparency solutions including exam recording, virtual machines/desktops, live auditing and intervention and customized authentication options.

Would your organization benefit from any of these security measures?

Locking-down a candidate's computer

Our platform can provide access to the exam via a virtual desktop. This method allows the proctor to suspend the exam at any point without terminating it.

Live Auditing for 100% of the exam session

The proctor watches the exam session the entire time. Monitoring of keystrokes and eye movements are among the methods we use to ensure security.

Recording of all activities

This is one of the most comprehensive approaches in the industry. Our process records:

  • candidate's computer

  • physical exam space (both audio and video)

  • proctor/candidate communication


This requirement may be customized. Typically our LIVE Proctored exams require Government photo identification, however there are other options available.