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Services Overview

End-to-End Solutions

Choose an end-to-end exam solution from the Loyalist Exam Store, or completely customize your solution – the choice is yours. Offering single sign-on options, candidate profiles, registration, proctoring and more, LES is your one-stop-shop for your exam delivery needs.

Exam Delivery Engine

Our delivery engine offers stability and customizability. Whether you are interested in delivering an exam at a conference, or are in need of psychometric tools for your exam, we offer a variety of models to help you deliver your exam with confidence.

Micro-credentials and Badging

As industries change, and candidates seek to upskill and expand their qualifications, your credentials and evaluations will evolve. From providing e-certificates and badging solutions for successful exam candidates to developing microcredentialing solutions, LES can help you adapt to emerging trends and grow your credentials.

Learning Management System

To understand what makes our service unique, look no further than our proprietary learning management system, which we use to customize every aspect of the exam development process to your specifications. Ownership of our LMS allows us to customize the exam portal with your branding; streamline communications and registration; accommodate special requests for exam candidates and offer flexible exam results delivery.

Proctoring Options

Whether it’s an online proctoring solution, unproctored testing, live proctoring, or conference exams, LES will help you find the proctoring solution that’s right for your exam.

Customer Service

At LES, customer service is our guarantee. Our team of experts is close-knit, responsive and passionate about helping you find solutions. When you work with us, you can expect experienced professionals supporting you through every step of the design and development process, and highly trained proctors supporting your candidates for all their technical needs.

Sound Security Practices

From live auditing and activity recording to photo identification, LES uses sound security practices for the exam services we offer to our partners.


"This was my first time using an online test system like this and it was great. Can’t wait to use it again!"

"I wish all testing could be handled in this manner.  Thank you."

"It was great to be able to take this from home."

- LES Candidates