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Build reports that empower your decisions.

Reports and data are essential to assist your association in continually improving your services. OUR processes generate a number of reports automatically. Additionally, data and access to information is always available via our Exam Registration system.

We provide the following set of reports to our institutions as standard reports:

Completed Exams Report - Data indicating completed exams (daily, weekly, monthly).

Exception Report - Report indicating exceptions to why students were unable to take or complete their exams (daily, weekly, monthly).

Reschedules Exams Report - Number of learners who rescheduled their exams (daily, weekly, monthly).

Survey Report - Information captured at the end of the exam process indicating the learnerís level of satisfaction with their exam experience (bi weekly and monthly).

In addition to these STANDARD reports LES provides the additional VALUABLE data:

Exam Performance Report - Exams are monitored and investigated based upon performance and investigation and monitoring of trends.

Exam Question Performance - Exam questions can be monitored to determine exam problem areas.

PLUS, our results team monitors overall exam results for any anomalies.

Customized Reports

We own our exam registration software. Any report that isnít considered standard is available.

Way better than I expected, so used to the typical test center environment, I took the exam from the comfort of my own home and everything was great. ~ Francisco Rios, Exam Candidate

This was my first time using an online test system like this and it was great. Can't wait to use it again! ~ Julie Reed, Exam Candidate